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About me

So by now you are asking yourself, who is Stacy? And why should I hire her?

I will give you a fast run down of credentials but remember non of that really matters. What matters is my ability to read someone and see the answers that you already hold within yourself.  Mother of twins on the autism spectrum, rape and domestic violence survivor.  I also have autoimmune illness and tbi.  Nothing can keep me down.  I have flipped off anxiety and live in peace, happiness, and success.  Wanna join me?

*Degree in psychology

* continuing education courses in ( not a full list) 

   - suicide prevention

   -teens and risky behavior


  -special needs parenting and marriage survival



  - Overcoming Trauma

  -Self esteem

  - Sexual relationships including relationships with physical limits an area of concern

  -PTSD for domestic violence and military

Programs written by Stacy

 -Relationship boot camp

- Flip life off for teens - taking off others world views and developing your own

- Be the change

- Flip off Anxiety

- Flip off Debt

Life coached actors, professional athletes, models.......and moms, dads, felons , recovering drug addicts, and hoarders.

Available for conferences with programs to fit your theme